Robert K Hightower, Editor in Chief
Cell: 856-981-6239

Robert K Hightower runs a graphic and website design company called The Village of Darkness (www.TheVillageOfDarkness) under a parent company, Camelot Computers Inc which specializes in SQL databases. Rob also is the Co-Owner of the annual National Haunters Convention & Halloween Show ( in Valley Forge, PA each year. Rob has a strong background in graphical development and programming and has a fond history of early Dungeons and Dragons (1st edition). He currently holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Operations Research & Systems Engineering as well as Electrical from Rutgers University in NJ.

Christopher Handa, Director of Sales and Marketing
Cell: 412-337-6916

Chris Handa has been trouble-shooting at special and seasonal events since 1986. He is currently Safety/Compliance Officer for Castle Blood in Western PA and is a regular instructor for the PA Amusement Safety Inspector Seminars. His experience comes from keeping a cool head and finding unusual but practical solutions for everything from day camps to theatrical performances. He has been able to fix set electrical problems with Bic pens and locate a replacement gorilla suit with one phone call.
When not solving problems, calming haunt owners, or avoiding problems completely, Chris is also a magician who uses his crowd interaction skills to both entertain and be a functional part of crowd control for any event. This has come in very handy for onsite appearances sponsored by companies such as Nickelodeon and The Walt Disney Company and makes him an invaluable asset for grand opening and special event teams.

Tara M. Clapper, Production Team
Cell: 609-694-9831

Tara M. Clapper is a full-time freelance writer and editor living in the Philadelphia area. Tara serves as the Seventh Kingdom IGE Marketing Director, promoting a live action, interactive fantasy game experience to gamers in the area. Her areas of expertise include Irish American culture, gaming, geek subculture, costuming and Halloween. She is presently pursuing a Masters in Publishing.

Stephen A. Remley, Director of Operations
Phone: 609-689-0599

Stephen A. Remley is a full time Director of Operations for the State of New Jersey under a grant from the Department of Health and Human Services. He has over 20 years experience in business management and running tens of millions of dollars in annual operations budgets. He manages a very large Human Resource department for the State and handles all corporate and business involvement for Fright Times Magazine including contracts, employee relations, and business arrangements.

Wayne Wirta, Team Photographer
Phone: 732-267-1004

Wayne Wirta has been into photography for over 20 years, and in the past 10 years has focused on Digital SLR Photography. A Fan of Ansel Adams, Mr. Wirta has attended numerous professional photography classes and courses and attended the Lepp Institute of Digital Imaging. The Lepp Institue of Digital Imaging has had a long history of having the best instructors in the world as well as a staff well versed in the digital world.
Their expert instructors and knowledgeable are the best in the country and work together to provide the very best learning experience for you in high end photography. Mr. Wirta also has gained many years of specific work in the Halloween industry from special long exposures of 3D works such as those by Stuart Smith (Stuartizm), working with the National Haunters Convention, as well as landscape and super hi res layout photographs for onsite Haunted House locations such as Tim Dunne's Fright Kingdom in New Hampshire. Wayne currently also runs a halloween company that supplies large scale backgrounds called Halloween Haunted Scenes and can be found at:


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