John Denley

John Denley is the president of Professor Nightmare Entertainment and has been running and operating Haunted houses for 25 years. He has always had a passion for masks and is available for custom paint services, sculpting and professional mask restoration services. This year he ran he haunted the largest casino in America. His company has built and consulted for hundreds of haunted attractions from Madison Scare Gardens and Terror Behind The Walls to Hong Kong's first Haunted Theme Park. John, better known as "Professor Nightmare" to the media has been featured on The Today Show, CNN and Psychology Today Magazine. His "how-to" DVD series is the most sought after series in the industry. Contact me at

Tom Schaeffer

Tom Schaeffer grew up in New Jersey. His love of horror began at the age of nine with a subscription to the amazing magazine Famous Monsters of Filmland. His first introductions to Haunted Attractions were the summer seasonal haunts of the Jersey Shore such as Dracula’s Castle in Wildwood and Brigantine Castle in Brigantine. This began a long and still ongoing love affair. Tom spent many years and countless hours on home haunts as well as visiting a myriad of attractions. In 2005, Tom, his daughter Anna, and his sister Connie Johnson launched The Scare Factor, a haunted attraction review site featuring a standardized system of review implemented by a growing network of reviewers around the country. You can visit it at

“Crazy Bob” Turner

“Crazy Bob” Turner owns and operates the Haunted Hydro Dark Attraction Park in Fremont, Ohio.
He is a founding member and former president of the International Association of Haunted Attractions (IAHA), a consultant, educator and speaker for the haunt industry as well as author of the popular X-treme Networking DVD series.

Lesley Bannatyne

Lesley Bannatyne is an author who writes frequently on Halloween. This article is drawn from research on her most recent book, Halloween Nation. Behind the Scenes of America’s Fright Night.

Chris Handa
Cell: 412-337-6916

Chris Handa has been trouble-shooting at special and seasonal events since 1986. He is currently Safety/Compliance Officer for Castle Blood in Western PA and is a regular instructor for the PA Amusement Safety Inspector Seminars. His experience comes from keeping a cool head and finding unusual but practical solutions for everything from day camps to theatrical performances. He has been able to fix set electrical problems with Bic pens and locate a replacement gorilla suit with one phone call.
When not solving problems, calming haunt owners, or avoiding problems completely, Chris is also a magician who uses his crowd interaction skills to both entertain and be a functional part of crowd control for any event. This has come in very handy for onsite appearances sponsored by companies such as Nickelodeon and The Walt Disney Company and makes him an invaluable asset for grand opening and special event teams.

Dan Far

Dan Far is one of Fright Time’s west coast correspondents and has been a fan of Halloween for a long time. He works with stunning 3D graphics and is the owner of the company, DAZ3D which can be found at

Dave Keppel

Dave Keppel is a writer, reader, music enthusiast & movie buff who has called Pennsylvania home since 1996. He is an avid collector of books with an entire basement room dedicated to his extensive library. Upon entering his subterranean domain, one would first notice countless mini-posters adorning the walls, featuring b-movies, pinup art & pulp fiction cover art. There are swords & other weaponry on display, alongside collections of windup toys, Pez dispensers & miscellaneous rubber monsters. If you drift from the pop culture theme into the forementioned library, you might catch a glimpse of Dave on his reading chair with a book in his lap, a vinyl record spinning on his Crosley player, and a cat perched by his head.
When not surrounded by his wife & kids, pets & collections, Dave spends unfortunate amounts of time managing the warehouse for a beauty supply distributor.

Paul Counelis

Information Coming Soon


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