It's the Right Time for Fright Times again!
by John Denley a.k.a. Professor Nightmare

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am that Fright Times is back! F.T. was a true labor of love for me and the dedicated pack of writers that helped me breathe life into each and every issue. The magazine, with the "Fright Awards", was the first to recognize haunts nationwide for their achievements in various categories. It didn't matter whether you were a permanent year round show or a back-yard production, there was a category for you. The subscribers would vote and our judges were inundated with entries of all kinds, and from all across North America.

We had struck a note with haunters and their creators and one word kept coming to mind. "Pride". Haunts were anxious to show their sets, facades and characters and each time I received an entry I felt like a kid on Christmas. When the results were published, people were proud and thankful to win. It was great for everyone involved to see the many different ways of presenting a haunted event. It was eye-opening to me as well to see the true wealth of talent out there.

As most of you know, I am a haunt builder and consultant and soon Fright Times became a full time job. I simply had to choose between creating the haunts or running the magazine. So it came that I retired Fright Times until I could find someone who could bring the same promise and excitement to industry. I have had many offers to purchase the magazine from those who thought themselves competitors but I waited until the situation and the time was right. Now is that time and I proudly have turned it over to the capable and trustworthy hands of Rob Kocher of the National Haunters Convention and The Village of Darkness.

Fright Times can once again reach out to haunters both new an old and do what we do best, share information
and get you the latest in "How- To" wizardry and haunt news! As for me, I will humbly stay onboard as a regular
contributor and I invite you to get involved as well. So without further adieu, I simply must say, "It's Alive
Again… Long Live Fright Times!"

John Denley




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