ShocktoberFest Scream Park
Voted 2013 Halloween Top Choice Haunted House by Fright Times Magazine

ShocktoberFest Scream Park
94 Park Avenue
Sinking Spring, PA 19608
(610) 375-7273


What is a Halloween Top Choice Award?

- A Fright Times Magazine Halloween Top Choice Award is a recognition of Professionalism, and Excellence in implementation of an atmospheric event in the Halloween industry. Only ONE of these coveted awards are given out every year, and they only go to establishments that we highly recommended and suggest that you attend to experience for yourself.

- A Haunted House or Hayride event for example would be viewed for many factors such as Website Design, History and Years of Operation, Use of Makeup and Couture, Scare Tactics, Set Design, Trained Actor Persona, Technology Used, and Patron Feedback.


Halloween Top Choice
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